Prayer Rosary Personalized Name / words with Onyx Stone إسم فضة مع مسبحة أونيكس

  • $85.00

  • Prayer Rosary Personalized Name with Onyx Stone إسم فضة مع مسبحة أونيكس
  • Custom made your name upon your request on the Tasbih in Sterling Silver.
  • Words engraved in the circle is " We had been together because of love, who can separates us?" in Arabic.
  • لقد جمعنا الحب فمن يفرقنا
  • Prayer beads with name - Islamic prayer Tasbih - Love quote in silver - Afghani online - onyx gemstone - custom prayer - custom misbaha - مسبحة تفصيل كلام - مسبحة فضة - مسبحة احجار كريمة - مسابح اسلامية فضة - الافغاني

We make Names and Shapes in Swiss Silver of caliber 925, many options we provide with the Tasbih, write your name to have the finest quality of handmade cut with Onyx Gemstone.

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