Palestinian Keffiyeh headdress scarf with Hadab حطة فلسطينية يدوية مهدب

  • $50.00

This one comes with Hadab which means robes ending made of Cotton for royality, With this piece of white and black cloth that is made from cotton and wool, Palestinians people wear it all the time as a traditional scarf also known as Kufiyeh.

 The keffiyeh / kufiya in Arabic: كوفية also known  as a ghutrah, shemagh شماغ, ḥaṭṭah حطة in black and white.

This Arabian and Palestinian headdress is the best option to cover your head in Summer hot days or in cold ones as in winter, as in Palestine and Levant countries has many extreme weather climate change during the seasons, which make it the best option for everyday scarf, as well as its a tradition so it won't be out of fashion at any time. Traditionally worn by Palestinian.

Size is 110 centimetres in square shape.

As you see the description of the design as the following:

Olive Leaves
The olive leave pattern represents strength, resilience & perseverance.

The fishnet pattern represents the connection between the Palestinian sailor & the Mediterranean Sea.

Bold Routes
This represents the trade routes going Bold through Palestine, a long and rich history of merchants, travel, and cultural exchange.

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