Silver 925 Cufflinks initials Layered أزرار قميص فضة احرف طبقتين

  • $92.00

  • Silver 925 Cufflinks initials Layered.
  • أزرار قميص كفلنجنز فضة أحرف طبقتين
  • Couple cufflinks means you wish him to be safe and always together.
  • As a gentleman, you should regard cufflinks highly. Because cufflinks symbolizes power, reputation and wealth, you should choose only luxury made cufflinks when you want to buy them to be worn by you or to be a special gift for someone you respect.
  • Handmade by our silver smith team in sterling silver 925.
  • High quality is essential when we present our product. 
  • We deliver worldwide.
  • We make Names and Shapes in Swiss Silver of caliber 925, many options we provide with the cufflinks, write your name to be made personalized and have the finest quality of handmade cut.

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