Cufflinks are items of jewelry that are used to secure the cuffs of dress shirts, we make it in the finest sterling silver 925 with our silversmiths team, its handmade cut adding laser engraving designs.

The front sections of the cufflinks can be decorated with gemstones, inlays, inset material or enamel and designed in two or three-dimensional forms, in addition to a very beautiful calligraphy ( The art of beautiful handwriting ), either in Arabic or English elegant fonts that are used in art and nowdays fashion trends and designs.

The visible part of a cufflink is often monogrammed or decorated in some way, such as with a birthstone or something which reflects a hobby or association. There are numerous styles including novelty, traditional, or contemporary. Cufflinks can and have been worn with casual wear, informal attire or business suits, all the way to very dressy styles such as semi-formal (black tie or Stroller), and formal wear (morning dress or white tie), where they become essentially required and are matched with shirt studs.